WHY Monumental Impact?

To enable and support the growing talent and passion of high school students in Technology, Engineering and Entrepreneurship with Experiences and Community.

How will We enable and support?

  • Provide and / or connect students to experiences in technology, engineering and entrepreneurship via projects from businesses, fundraising, outreach and events
  • Partner with D38 to ensure students have fundamental Technology, Engineering or Entrepreneur acumen
  • Partner with Pikes Peak Business & Education Alliance (PPBEA) to provide a collective marketplace for students to discover and commit to an experience
  • Partner with and support local businesses that want to provide experiences
  • Build a network of mentors and project managers in Technology, Engineering and Entrepreneurship that are willing to mentor and facilitate student project experiences
  • Provide a community of support for students to discover and explore their interests

What Types of Experiences?

  • Presentation or Tour of a business
  • Job Shadowing an individual
  • Implementing and / or troubleshooting a technology, especially in a business
  • Leading the definition and engineer a physical or digital item for a business
  • Defining and / or managing an event, program or service such as special events, demonstrations/competition events, sellable swag
  • Defining and managing outreach programs to mentor and build fundamental Technology, Engineering and Entrepreneurship skills in their younger talent pipeline