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  • Building Our Social Enterprise
    We are ready to build our foundation as a social enterprise. Are there high school students out there in the Tri-Lakes area interested in joining us on the journey? Do you want to help us with engineering and / or technology products, services or event content? There are no definitive books or surefire nonprofit business […]
  • Ready to enable student experiences
    Core to our mission is to enable student experiences. We now have a space, but how does that impact enabling student experiences, especially in a time of COVID? Well, it impacts our ability to have a home base to enable different types of student experiences even with COVID. We will use our space for: small […]
  • Grateful for Our Community of Support
    We are very grateful for our Community of Support we have received this year.  Since our founding in January 2020 we have made much progress.  We could not have done it without all those mentioned below.  It does take a village! Grateful for Our Space We are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with the […]
  • How is Monumental Impact a Social Enterprise?
    Social impact is the effect an organization’s actions have on the well being of the community. Social Impact Projects are intended to foster more cross-disciplinary collaboration, encourage students to work within the community, and leverage their ability to benefit communities. A Social Enterprise exists to solve a social issue by combining commercial and social goals, […]
  • Inspire the Engineers, Technologists and Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow
    We invite businesses and individuals to join us as we build an environment of support and mentorship for the engineers, technologists and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. There are many ways you can participate and you do not have to be an engineering and technology business. The key driver is providing experiences for students in the Tri-Lakes […]