We are a new nonprofit building our capabilities. Money is the most flexible option to help us grow and meet our goals. To those less fortunate that can gain access to these experiences to our community needs of space, current industry-type equipment, safety, insurance, site tour group travel and more. Unfortunately these career pathways aren’t cheap, but that is the reason Monumental Impact was founded…to enable and support these pathways.

We are in the process of building out and furnishing a temporary space that has been offered to us. We are also budgeting and planning for a longer-term space. From implementing a safe, workplace with equipment to the business basics like insurance, the needs in our budget are many until we establish our business model and capabilities over the next three years.

Thank you for any level of support you are able to offer at this time!

Donate as an Individual
Thank you for considering donating to us! Double the impact of funds by checking if your employer offers matching gifts!

If you prefer to donate by check, make payable to Monumental Impact and contact us for further details.

Business Sponsorship
Thank you for considering sponsoring us! If you would like recognition for your sponsorship, contact us to discuss. We are registered within platforms that connect businesses to charitable organizations for funding like CyberDoors and Benevity. If you are not able to find us in your platform of choice let us know.

We are registered with the AmazonSmile Program!

Your contribution helps us enable and support Tri-Lakes area students in these programs with space, equipment, supplies and a community of support!

If you would like your contribution allocated to a specific program in technology, engineering or entrepreneurship, let us know via email at enable@monumentalimpact.org.