To provide students work-based experiences in the technology, engineering and entrepreneurship industries our community should have equipment that resembles the work environment these students will enter and the materials to enable their creativity and potential in supported programs.

Help us provide a workplace setting that has the equipment and tools they will experience in their future jobs. We are open to donations or loans with no liabilities. If you are a business owner there is an option to sub-lease an area within our space for your work.
As a nonprofit within its first year and growing, we are also furnishing our space with office equipment such as chairs, desks, conference tables, printers and other basic office equipment. If you can help with any of these, we would appreciate a donation!

We are building out our space to have up-to-date , industry technology and engineering equipment. Yes, our focus is to provide work-based experiences for students, but what better opportunity to share the knowledge and experiences than to have those that need the equipment for their business to be members of our community! Join our community by becoming a member, have access to our equipment for your business needs and help support our cause!

From equipment to office supplies and materials, students need filament, sheet metal, wood, parts, paper, ink, vinyl and more. Help us provide a workplace setting that has the materials and supplies that allow them to try things and experience making things with equipment. If you can help with any of these bottomless bucket of consumables, we would appreciate a donation!

We are registered with the AmazonSmile Program. We are currently planning our space at Grace Best Education Center and intend to provide a list of supplies and equipment for our shared space and resources for interns, community partners and supported programs!

If you have questions about any of these options above, please contact us.