Space to use by students, their programs and our business members and a future space to find or build that will fit our growing needs…but hopefully not in a galaxy far away.

We are building out our space to have up-to-date , industry technology and engineering equipment. Yes, our focus is to provide work-based experiences for students, but what better opportunity to share the knowledge and experiences than to have those that need the space for their business to be members of our community, especially those that are in the technology, engineering and entrepreneurship industry! Join our community by becoming a member, have access to our space and equipment for your business needs and help support our cause!

We are appreciative of the D38 for the temporary use of the East Rooms at the Grace Best Education Center (GBE), but we know they are wanting a long-term, sole use of GBE. We are looking for our own space in the Tri-Lakes area. We know an outright donation of a building is rare so our plans are to raise funds, design our building with our Community Partner's input and maybe even start a loan if we are able to establish a reliable business model. Optimally, we are hoping we can work something out with D38 for land near one of the high schools for easier access for students during their school days. If you are interested in helping us in this endeavor in any capacity, please let us know. We would appreciate your help!