Students, come to an Internship Symposium to hear about opportunities and ask questions.

ALL students must apply through the Pikes Peak Business & Education Alliance(PPBEA) for any of these internshipts. In PPBEA look for the internship opportunities that start with MITEE.

 We offer two types of internships (1) Entrepreneurship opportunities for student-led, student-driven teams to identify, define and provide offerings to the community and (2) Work-based projects as a collaboration with our community partners to provide students a jump start into an industry. Monumental Impact offers a community of mentors for project management and technical skills for projects, in addition to training on any equipment that may be required. Students meet and complete their work at Monumental Impact’s location. Based on the internship students will also meet at a Community Partner’s site or with customer’s site that is interested in their offerings.

MITEE: Entrepreneurship - Products / Services
Do you have ideas about products to provide to the community?
Do you have technology, engineering or marketing skills you would like to provide as a service to your community?
Pitch Your Proposal
If after your pitch you are ready to give it a go, apply for Monumental Impact's MITEE: Entrepreneurship - Products / Services Internship via PPBEA.
Apply to MITEE: Entrepreneurship - Products / Services internship

MITEE: Technology / Engineering Projects
Monumental Impact (MITEE) has partnered with local Community Partners in the Tri-Lakes Area to offer work-based projects in technology and engineering. Interns will gather project requirements from a Community Partner, develop a plan for delivery, and develop technology or engineered systems for the Community Partner per the project requirements.
Apply to Monumental Impact's MITEE: Technology / Engineering Projects Internship via PPBEA.
Apply to MITEE: Technology / Engineering Projects internship
The projects offered by our Community Partners vary per semester. During our Internship Symposiums and during the interview process, students will be able to learn about the current technology or engineering projects available for interns. Applicants can indicate their interest in either a technology or engineering project. Some examples of projects are: a client engagement system; an equipment tracking system; implementing stickers for brand awareness and facility safety; prototyping an engineering design; or training a sorting machine for identification and movement using machine learning.

In many cases an internship is not necessarily about the type of project or that you ‘nailed it’ on the delivery of a milestone. It's the experience! Leverage an internship with MITEE to learn about different workplaces, their business requirements and building your network. Every project in a workplace brings value to you as an experience.

Are you a business interested in offering an industry experience through Monumental Impact, contact us! Or provide an opportunity directly through PPBEA.