Connect in and join us for our Fall 2020 Internship Symposium to hear about all of these opportunities and ask questions.

Offered by Our Community Partners

Techno Chaos
Access Control & Tracking System
The system developed will control access to and track usage of a piece of equipment by an individual’s identification card. Programming and multiple integration technologies will be involved in the implementation.
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Tri-Lakes Cares
Systems Development for Tri-Lakes Cares
Intern(s) will research existing TLC client engagement systems, develop plans for additional online systems, propose implementation options, build prototypes of new systems and beta-test new systems.
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Student-Led, Student-Driven

Students, come pitch your proposal for the semester at our Pitch Event!

Student-Led, Student-Driven Offerings
Product Development Team
Do you have an interest in engineering or technology? Do have ideas about products to provide to the community?
Come join a team of like-minded individuals, pull together a proposal and give it a go!
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Student-Led, Student-Driven Offerings
Services Development Team
Have you have been able provide something for someone else, especially using your technology, engineering or marketing skills?
Listen to customer needs and make a proposal. Your team then works to implement the solution.
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ALL students must apply through the Pikes Peak Business & Education Alliance(PPBEA) for each of these internshipts. In PPBEA look for the internship opportunities that start with MITEE.

Interested in offering an industry experience through Monumental Impact, contact us, or provide an opportunity directly through PPBEA.