Our internships focus on strengthening your technical, customer service and leadership skills while building our social enterprise and maintaining our shared facility. Internships vary by semester. Some interns will be working on developing, delivering and / or marketing our product, services or events in our social enterprise. While others help us keep our equipment running and / or run jobs on equipment for others.

For each semester we offer interns an opportunity to meet offsite to tour industry facilities, interview customers, provide demonstrations and other types of visits to meet people in their work place settings and see what types of career pathways are available. We offer our interns mentoring in project management, entrepreneurial and technical skills, in addition to training on any equipment that may be required.

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If you are a Lewis Palmer School District (D38) student…

Our internships are typically listed under STEM, Information Technology or Skilled Trades / Manufacturing.

If you are not a Lewis Palmer School District (D38) student…

To get the process started submit your resume and cover letter to enable@monumentalimpact.org.

02 December 2022

2022 Fall Internships

Build your technical, customer service and leadership skills while delivering products / services, designing new products ...

3:30 am - 6:00 pm
55 Adams Street, Monument
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