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Offered by Our Community Partners

Techno Chaos
Access Control & Tracking System
The system developed will control access to and track usage of a piece of equipment by an individual’s identification card. Programming and multiple integration technologies will be involved in the implementation.
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Tri-Lakes Cares
Systems Development for Tri-Lakes Cares
Intern(s) will research existing TLC client engagement systems, develop plans for additional online systems, propose implementation options, build prototypes of new systems and beta-test new systems.
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Student-Led, Student-Driven

Students, come pitch your proposal at one of our Pitch Events!

Student-Led, Student-Driven Offerings
Product Development Team
Do you have an interest in engineering or technology? Do have ideas about products to provide to the community?
Come join a team of like-minded individuals, pull together a proposal and give it a go!
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Student-Led, Student-Driven Offerings
Services Development Team
Have you have been able provide something for someone else, especially using your technology, engineering or marketing skills?
Listen to customer needs and make a proposal. Your team then works to implement the solution.
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ALL students must apply through the Pikes Peak Business & Education Alliance(PPBEA) for each of these internshipts. In PPBEA look for the internship opportunities that start with MITEE.

Are you a business interested in offering an industry experience through Monumental Impact, contact us! Or provide an opportunity directly through PPBEA.