Inspire the Engineers, Technologists and Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow

We invite businesses and individuals to join us as we build an environment of support and mentorship for the engineers, technologists and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. There are many ways you can participate and you do not have to be an engineering and technology business. The key driver is providing experiences for students in the Tri-Lakes area so they can explore their interests and passions in engineering, technology or entrepreneurship. Below are some examples of participating:

  1. Contract Us for a Project: Within your business there may be a collection of similar tasks, an implementation or a prototype that you would like to be done. As a student team with mentors, Monumental Impact intends to be poised to help you scope, monitor and complete your project, all while providing engineering or technology experiences to student team members. We intend to have our own capabilities for computer programming and 3D design-to-fabrication. Some examples of projects are:
    • Providing an inventory of equipment, technology or software assets
    • Putting together a training or orientation media or visualization
    • Pulling together data and looking at ways of automating
    • Implementing a website
    • Implementing or troubleshooting a technology, especially in a business
    • Creating CAD representations of a product or parts
    • Implementing and providing demonstrations for an event of yours
    • Executing a basic cyber security check of your technology infrastructure
  2. Job Shadow opportunity: A total of 4 hours that can be separated into two 2-hour sessions. Students shadow an individual in an engineering, technology or entrepreneurial job. Students are not doing the work, but are observers and can gain exposure to different types of jobs.
  3. Join Our Community as a Mentor: From individual projects to being a part of the afterschool programs we support, let us know how much time you are willing to help and what skill sets you are offering. Skill sets we are looking for are project management, engineering (any discipline), technology (hardware & software), product management, customer service, financials and time management.
  4. Sponsor Us: Let us know if you want to sponsor a skill-building program or an event for us to organize and host. We intend to host events to increase awareness of projects we are doing and provide outreach programs to mentor and build skill sets in our younger talent pipeline.

Please contact us, if any of the above interests you or you have questions. We looking forward to growing a community of support for tomorrow’s engineers, technologists and entrepreneurs!

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