Robot Chaos 2023

“Robot Chaos” is the robot combat competition that will happen during the Gobble Squabble event on Saturday 11/18/23. This event is co-hosted with the Robotics Club from the Colorado School of Mines (thanks!!!), and will feature Antweight class robots (weighing 1.0 lbs/453.6 grams or less). Rookies are welcome, especially in the Plastic Antweight class. Need help building a combat robot for this event? See “Resources“, below.

Combat Classes:

Advance Registration is required to participate in Robot Chaos:

  • Registration fee $40 per robot (pay online to Monumental Impact; note “Robot Chaos participation fee” on your payment)
  • Learn more about the event and register to participate at RobotCombatEvents
  • Sign and return waiver online [link pending]
  • The above registration requirements are due by 11/13/23 to assure entry into the event.
  • Net proceeds from this event support the all-volunteer Bearbotics Robotics programs.


  • Matches will be coordinated with FTC robotics scrimmage matches also happening at the Gobble Squabble
  • Inspection starts at 8:00 AM and should be completed by 9:00 AM, if possible
  • Ranking matches happen 9:00 AM through 3:00 PM
  • Playoff matches take place from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM. (The 4 top-ranked Plastic Antweight robots will have the option to engage in the Open-class playoffs.)


  • Monumental Impact/Bearbotics/Techno Chaos is offering a class that will help students design and build a custom-designed Plastic Antweight robot, and assist in the build of Kit Bots. Classes will start in early September 2023, and will include virtual (online) sessions. Contact the Instructor for more info; sign up here to indicate your interest (the Instructor will contact everyone who registers on this private list); pay class participation fees here (note “Bearbotics Combat Robotics Class” in the payment). Participation levels and costs are:
    • Full Participation ($250): custom design and build a fully-functional 3D-printed Plastic Antweight robot. Includes all the essential parts, and 2 3D-prints (by the Instructor) of your robot design using PLA+ filament. Student proficiency in CAD and soldering is recommended.
    • BYOP ($75): custom design your robot for 3D printing; up to 2 full 3D prints using PLA+ included. You supply all the other parts (recommendations are provided).
    • BYOK ($50): the class Instructor will support the student in matters of assembly, integration, operation and testing. The student will select and purchase the robot kit of their choice, directly from the vendor; the class provides no parts or 3D prints.
    • Class sessions happen once every 2 weeks. If Students’ robots are finished in time, a scrimmage session will be held before the actual Robot Chaos event.
    • Notes: Students may only participate in the initial Introductory Session until all fees for their chosen participation level have been paid. No parts of any kind will be provided until all fees have been paid. This Class is not recommended for Students younger than 12, since significant technical tasks must be performed by the Student to complete their custom-designed robot.
  • Full material from the “Small-Scale Combat Robots: Strategies & Techniques” class, including extensive design guidance and specific recommendations for parts and sources
  • Another set of complete guidance covering the design and build of Plastic Antweight combat robots (by Techno Chaos)