Why Us?

You should choose Monumental Impact because when you sponsor us you’re aiding the world’s future leaders. Your long term help gives students the opportunity to enrich their skills in technology, engineering, and entrepreneurship. Help your community’s students today by choosing to sponsor Monumental Impact!

How to sponsor Us

You can contact us about sponsorship by emailing our business team members at businessteam@monumentalimpact.org or by contacting our Founder, Jeanette Breton, at jeanette@monumentalimpact.org


As students we are looking for industry professionals in, law, marketing, product management, technology, and engineering, to help enrich us in our positions as student officers. This is a great opportunity for adults wanting to connect with their community and shape the leaders of tomorrow. We are very flexible on commitments, whatever time you are willing to commit we would love to have you. Find out more information about potential mentorship opportunities by contacting businessteam@monumentalimpact.org or our founder Jeanette Breton jeanette@monumentalimpact.org