Offered by coaches, mentors, team members and interns.

Come join like-minded individuals who like to make digital or material things!  We want to help you learn new things and enjoy building things.  Be a part of our community!

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LEGO Robotics
(Mon-Fri, 5 days)
5th-8th gradeJul 31 - Aug 4th
LEGO Robotics
(Mon-Fri, 5 days)
7th and higherAug 7th - Aug 11th
Python for Robotics
(Mon-Tue, 2 days)
7th and higherJul 31 - Aug 1st
Web Development with Python
(Wed-Thurs, 2 days)
8th and higherAug 2nd - Aug 3rd
DIY Drone Workshop
(Fri, 1/2 day)
7th and higherAug 4th
Soldering for Circuits
(Fri, 1/2 day)
7th and higherAug 4th
3D Design for 3D Printing & Team Collaboration
(Mon-Thurs, 4 days)
8th and higherAug 7th - Aug 10th
Microsoft App In A Day CANCELLED
(Sat, 1 day)
9th grade thru adults.
Adults should contact us directly if they would like to attend this workshop.
June 10th
FREE. Donations greatly appreciated.

FREE T-shirt to all registered students***! Offered by Techno Chaos, a Bearbotics’ sponsor, while supplies last.

* Entering grades

**Net proceeds benefit Bearbotics and Monumental Impact student programs

*** Available to students registered in at least 4 days with us.

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LEGO Robotics

Participants will explore robotic techniques using mission models from FIRST LEGO League (FLL). A chance to discover mechanical and software techniques that are even applicable to the more advanced robotics platforms that are used in FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) and FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) competitions. We will offer an elementary school track and a middle school track.

For middle schoolers we will provide mentorship for using python as a programming language and a LEGO design & modelling tool for robot implementations. In groups mechanism designs from FLL World Championship robots will be researched and discussed.

Come join us and gain some fundamentals in robotics with coaches, mentors and team members of Bearbotics.  A great way to network and build your community with like-minded individuals. 

Python for LEGO Robotics

This is for those that are ready for the next level of programming a LEGO Robot without blocks. Participants will explore robotics programming techniques using python and mission models from FIRST LEGO League (FLL). Python is a diverse language used in many industry applications. Participants are encouraged to come with laptops for their development environment and their own MINDSTORM or Spike Prime, if they have one. Come join us and gain some programming fundamentals in robotics with Bearbotics.

Python for Web Development

Through this two-day workshop, students will learn how to apply their foundational programming knowledge to build a basic web application. This course will focus on backend development using Python, open-source database technologies, and commonly used open-source libraries.

This workshop will be fast-paced but should be an enjoyable experience. Students are encouraged to continue self-educating and experimenting with the code they will write during the workshop. Students should bring their own laptops to set up their environment and have the ability to continue experimenting with their code after the workshop.

3D Design for 3D Printing & Team Collaboration

Participants will learn to use Onshape, a 3D Design online tool, to design and collaborate on parts that can be 3D printed and used in robotics. If you are planning to join Bearbotics this year, this is a must-do to get a jumpstart on the season. Taught by Bearbotics team members.

Students should bring their own laptops to set up their environment and have the ability to continue experimenting with their designs after the workshop. If participants have a 3D Printer they may bring it to run their print jobs and get advice on configuration settings.

DIY Drone Workshop

Learn how to build and customize your own drone! Students in this workshop will learn the basic components of a drone and how they function together. Taught and led by Bearbotics students. Participants will confirm all components are working together by getting a flying lesson and test flight. Participants take home the drone they make which is valued over $200. Students are encouraged to bring their own laptop to set up their own configuration environment with tools used in the workshop.

Soldering for Circuits

Participants will be instructed on basic soldering and circuit concepts and techniques. Students will have at least two projects and will take home a Bear light-up necklace with a circuit board with LEDs they have put together and soldered.

Microsoft App In A Day

Create a machine ordering app using Microsoft’s Power Platform. In this one-day workshop you’ll build a solution to manage the process for ordering coffee machines for various Contoso locations. Participants will be required to bring their own laptops. They will set up their development environment and start a 30-day trial of the software used in the workshop.

Thank you to 365.Training for offering this course FREE to our high school and adult community members.

We’ve had to cancel the scheduled App in a Day workshop. We’d love for community members to still be able to complete the work on their own. You can register for free App in a Day | 365.Training here. Once you have registered if you need any help, you can reach out via the 365.Training site, or email 365.Training directly at

We do apologize for having to cancel this event due to low attendance.

Making Parts

(In Development, Not scheduled) We are getting a CNC and we would like to share with others how to use one! With advances in technology and software, modern workshop CNC routers enable even novice users to produce all sorts of projects…for Bearbotics its parts. Come discover with us the endless possibilities of what you can make with a CNC router.

Get That Robot Programmed!

(In Development, Not scheduled) Imagine you’ve just been given a robot with all kinds of  mechanical capabilities and tasked to get that robot programmed within a week!  Not so far off the truth…in the competition season of Bearbotics teams.  Participants will be guided through implementing programming capabilities on a FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) robot.  These capabilities range from drivetrain movement to moving an mechanical arm.  We will use Java and Blocks as our programming languages. If time permits, we will also explore sensors, visioning systems and machine learning techniques. 

Robot Mechanisms

(In Development, Not Scheduled) The mechanisms in a robot determine whether it will achieve or fail in its purpose. In this camp we will discover different mechanisms that were successful in their goal of achieving high scores in their season’s game across ALL of the FIRST programs: FIRST LEGO League (FLL), FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC), and FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC). This camp will vary widely in age groups and participants will be grouped by age ranges to explore robots in a specific competition program. We will then identify components and dig deeper into how they were built to achieve success. This is a great opportunity for a budding mechanical engineer to learn techniques with other like-minded individuals and build a comradery with Bearbotics team members, coaches and mentors.

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