Offered by coaches, mentors, team members and interns

DIY Drone6th and higherDec 3rd (Sat) 2pm-4:30pm$200
Soldering / Electronics7th and higherDec 3rd (Sat) 3pm-4:30pm$30

* Entering grades

**Net proceeds benefit Bearbotics and Monumental Impact programs.

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LEGO Robotics

Participants will explore robotic techniques using LEGO Mindstorm EV3 and mission models from FIRST LEGO League (FLL). A chance to discover mechanical and software techniques that are even applicable to the more advanced robotics platforms that are used in FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) and FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) competitions. The program will be a loose format to encourage networking, team building skills and social interactions with like-minded individuals.  (Planned for the Summer)

Introduction to Web Development w/ Python

Through this two-day workshop, students will learn how to apply their foundational programming knowledge to build a basic web application. This course will focus on backend development using Python, open-source database technologies, and commonly used open-source libraries.

This workshop will be fast-paced but should be an enjoyable experience; students are encouraged to continue self-educating and experimenting with the code they will write during the workshop. Day 1 will focus on the core fundamentals necessary to develop a basic backend web application; day 2 will have the students building a small and simple clone of a popular social media site. Given the short duration of this workshop, client-side code (i.e. Javascript, HTML, and CSS) will be provided by the instructors. Students should bring their own laptops to setup their environment and have the ability to continue experimenting with their code after the workshop.   (Planned for the Summer)

3D Design & Printing

Participants will learn and use 3D Design & Printing to engineer parts that can be used in robotics. (Planned for the Summer)

DIY Drone

Learn how to build and customize your own drone! Students in this workshop will learn the basic components of a drone and how they function together. Creators build their own custom drone using parts and components designed and 3d printed in house.  Taught and led by students who designed the drone kit. Participants take home the drone they build which is valued at $175. Workshop price includes the drone.

Soldering / Electronics

Participants will be learn basic soldering and circuitry. Project includes a light-up bear necklace using a circuit board with LEDs.

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Monumental Impact is a 501(c)(3). Net proceeds benefit D38’s Bearbotics and programs to enable and support high school students in technology, engineering and entrepreneurship. All programs are run by volunteers.