Ready to enable student experiences

Core to our mission is to enable student experiences. We now have a space, but how does that impact enabling student experiences, especially in a time of COVID? Well, it impacts our ability to have a home base to enable different types of student experiences even with COVID. We will use our space for: small team competition activities; training before a rotation of desktop equipment to a student’s home and; internships with home-based businesses.

What type of student experiences? With two of our industry areas of technology and engineering we are currently focused on enabling student experiences with fabrication and design capabilities. These two areas can be enabled with some out of the box thinking even with the restrictions of COVID.

For fabrication experiences we will start with 3D Printing and CNC router equipment (examples shown). Supplies include plastic filament, aluminum, lexan, router bits, Dewalt 611 router for these types of experiences.

The design area covers many different disciplines of engineering and graphics, even programming and entrepreneurial marketing. To provide design experiences you need high-end graphics PCs with software licenses for the discipline of interest such as mechanical, electrical, programming and graphics. By providing the equipment and supplies needed for these experiences, students interested in these areas are enabled to explore these career pathways.

We look forward to enabling students interested in learning design-to-fabrication techniques with desktop tools and supplies even with COVID. We also look forward to enabling small team activities for the Bearbotics that is still competing this season during COVID.

With these types of student experiences available to students interested in these fields, we will have enabled them in their journey even during COVID. With a will there’s a way to enable. We just need to think outside of the box. Will you help us enable these student experiences?