Hello Monument and the Tri-Lakes Area!

We welcome you to join us in our journey to enable and support the growing talent and passion of high school students in Technology, Engineering and Entrepreneurship with Experiences and Community.

Just like sports, being able to practice and have experiences is critical to success in Technology, Engineering and Entrepreneurship. Even more so, when students don’t know much about the fields, either technically through deep dives or broadly in its use in industry. Our mission is to help narrow this knowledge gap by offering experiences that can enable and support high school students in their discoveries and supporting them in finding their passion.

In addition to industry experiences to find their passion in a future career path, Monumental Impact would like to enable and support many of the D38 Afterschool Programs in Technology, Engineering and Entrepreneurship such as the Bearbotics, CyberPatriots and DECA. Students in these programs can leverage Monumental Impact as a community of support and utilize space, fundraising, events and assets that Monumental Impact is able to gain through sponsorships, grants or student-led fundraising efforts.

Our intent is to provide experiences or connect students to experiences such that their interests and passions in technology, engineering and entrepreneurship can be realized. Many experiences will be provided by Monumental Impact itself through its own fundraising, projects and outreach programs that enable itself to provide services to students. We welcome other businesses to contact us if they are wanting to provide an experience, but need help providing the mentorship or project management efforts.

The opportunities of experiences will change based on needs. Details of all opportunities will be published within the PPBEA’s Marketplace for D38 students. Students should discuss opportunities with their high school counselor then apply to the opportunity through PPBEA.

We are building a network of mentors and project managers in Technology, Engineering and Entrepreneurship that are willing to mentor and facilitate student project experiences. We are also building a list of interested parties that are willing to volunteer, attend events or register their younger talent pipeline for camps provided by these budding technologists, engineers and entrepreneur outreach programs. We are also looking for Board Members to share in the journey and provide direction.

You can find more information on our About. If you have any questions or would like to join our community of Monumental Impact, contact us. We look forward to the journey!

Jeanette Breton, Founder of Monumental Impact

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